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was going to sell me a tank. then right when i was about to send out the money, he said nah i don't want to sell it. good thing i didn't send the money the only way of communication was in his posts in friendly corner cause we all know he's going to have the latest post in there

Communication= D-
He came into my feedbck thread even thought we never dealt before. He has offered me his knee pads + $150 cash for my tank. I said ok and he said he needed a few days to get the cash. I said sure. So the day comes and I ask him do you have the money yet. He says go away I found a better deal, I said whatever. Like 2 months later he get's in my thread and said that garbage. I never backed out. He did. Don't deal with dirty people like this. Everyone knows I don't back out on a deal. If I ever did back out I always went back and got what I originally said I would buy. I never posted that much when I talked to him about the tank. I just recently started posting in there. I never even talk to him in Friendly Corner. We talked on AIM a few times. He was the one that backed out. He didn't bother to PM me or Email me at all.