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Thread: ULT: Survey -Shims, what is everyone running on RT/X's...

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    ULT: Survey -Shims, what is everyone running on RT/X's...

    Kinda like the Level 10 survey on what everyone was running to determine the average working setup, please post the number of shims that you are using in your ULT. I'm asking for RT/Retro/Emag/X valve owners only - not to exclude the AIR guys, but from what I understand from RobAGD the number of shims to *possibly* get the ULT working in an AIR is unreal. If you are using an Emag, please respond only if the Emag valve is be used in a mechanical setup. (Or of your electronics are dead and you've got an expensive RT )

    Please state how many, and of what type (level 10, or ULT) shims you are using. Also please include a blurb on how/why you arrived at the number you did. I think I read somewhere that the max number of ULT shims was 6, which would equal 3 level 10. I'm interested to know who's at or above the 6 mark. I think everyone should also include level 10 or not, valve type, rail type, and frame type. Old school RT guys, just need to say "old school RT." WEalso need to know the type of air system you are using and the output.


    Name: (optional)
    Number of Shims: (please state the number and TYPE) (Type = level 10 or ULT)
    Level 10: Yes or no.
    Why: (please state what problem/issue/reasoning caused you to arrive at the number of shims you are using)
    Valve: (RT, Retro, Xvalve) (Emag, RTP and ReTro are all ReTro)
    Rail: (RTP/Emag, stock, any other like Omega)
    Frame: (Intelli, Stock, Benchmark.
    Air system: (preset or adjustable)
    output: (PSI output of airsystem)

    Remember, ULT shims are .005 and ULE are .010 therefore 1 ULE = 2 ULT.
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    Name: Calvin Ledford

    Number of Shims: Currently 3 level 10.

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: Still "chuffing" a bit - but it might likely be how I'm pulling/releasing the trigger. No signs of "sweet spotting yet" and am thinking about trying more, but am also wary since I recall hearing that you couldn't run more than 6 ULT shims - which equals the 3 LX that I'm currently using.

    Valve: X valve

    Rail: Stock Automag classic rail

    Frame: First run Intelli (straight trigger guard) frame

    Air system: AGD 4500 Flatine - adjustable

    output: 800psi
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    Name: Jeff K.

    Number of Shims: 3 ULT + 2 level 10.

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: NO "chuffing". Amazing "sweet spotting" and more RT action than with stock on/ off assembly at same output on my tank

    Valve: X-valve

    Rail: ULE'd stock RTP rail

    Frame: 1st Gen. Intelliframe

    Air system: AGD Flatline 68ci/4500psi adjustable

    Output: 875-900psi

    Calvin, people should post type of tank, output and operating PSI as well, I believe. Will post my other setups once I tune my other two soon to be ULT'd mags.
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    Name: Eric H.

    Number of Shims: 2 ULT + 3 level 10.

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: Fit my finger perfect and no chuffing.

    Valve: X-valve

    Rail: Classic Rail

    Frame: Intelliframe
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    Originally posted by JadedT
    Calvin, people should post type of tank, output and operating PSI as well, I believe.[/B]


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    Name: Brad D.
    Number of Shims: 2 LX shims and 3 ULT shims (that puts me above the magic 6 number)
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Just wanted to go as far as I could before hitting mad runaway.
    Valve: X valve
    Rail: Stock automag rail
    Frame: Intelliframe with rear trigger stop installed
    Air system: Max-Flo - adjustable
    output: 850 PSI. If I crank it up to 900 or higher, it can go into runaway very easily, but 850 is working out very nicely. No short stroking or runaway. I love this mod!
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    Name: David P.
    Number of Shims: Currently 2 ULT 1 lvl X. It needs further tweaking but I ran out of nitro so I'll edit in my changes later.
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: will edit in reasons when I get my nitro refilled.
    Valve: x-valve
    Rail: omega
    Frame: Intelli
    Air system: preset (going to get an adjustable this week)
    output: 800
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    Name: Andy Frankart

    No of Shims: 2 LX shims + 2 ULT shims

    Level 10: yes

    Why: I originally started with 2 LX and 4 ULT shims. That was when I had a preset tank @ 750. When I got my dynaflow, and turned it up to 950, I had to remove 2 ULT shims to get rid of some serious bounce. Now, if I try realy hard, I can get it to bounce a very little bit if I rip on it.

    Valve: X-valve

    Rail: Omega

    Frame: Intelli (Y grip is coming next week, hopefully)

    Air System: Dynaflow

    Output: 900-950 No shortstroking or runaway. This setup is almost walkable, I can do it without shortstroking, but not really fast.
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    Number of Shims: 3-4 ULT and 3-4 level 10. (not really sure I put as many as I could fit)

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: I used all those shims because I don't have an X-vale or a Retro vavle so I was "cuffing" pretty bad.... still am

    Valve: Minimag Valve

    Rail: Stock Automag classic rail

    Frame: Intelliframe

    Air system: 68/4500 Crossfire @ 850psi

    output: 850pso

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    Number of Shims: 1
    Level 10: Yes

    Why: Cause it works

    Valve: X Valve

    Rail: Stock AM/MM

    Frame: Y Grip

    Air system: 68/4500 AGD Flatline

    output: anywhere from 900-1100. I stick around 1k w/o runaway.

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    Name: Jer H

    Number of Shims: 1 level ten shim and 3 ult shims

    Level 10: Yes

    Why:this is the most i could fit without having problems fitting in the body, i drilled out my rt valve myself and i apparently could've gone a hair deeper than i feels good the way it is though, no sweet spot

    Valve: old rt valve, drilled to accept ult

    Rail: Stock Automag classic rail

    Frame: i-frame

    Air system: AA raptor rex 68/4500

    output: about 900psi
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    Name: tom
    Number of Shims: 4 ULT shims + 1 LX shim

    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Had 5 shims in but would get a double feed and ball break after long fast string. Also bolt would get slightly stuck without resetting
    Valve: Xvalve

    Rail: Omega

    Frame: Intelli

    Air system: preset 68/45 crossfire
    output: whatever the preset is 800/850
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    Name: no, my name is Joe, not optional..

    Number of Shims: 3lx 2ULT i think.. i keep screwing with it, thats that i had last time i checked.

    Level 10: chuff, chuff, of course

    Why: thought I could just go lighter, happy with where I am now, but prolly could to a lil lighter. no chuffing, havent sweet spotted.

    Valve: xvalve

    Rail: omega

    Frame: y-grip

    Air system: preset 3A 68/45 tank.

    output: 800-850psi

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    Name: tommy

    Number of Shims: none for level ten(it works the best or else i get leaks) and i think 4 for the ult but i m 100% sure
    Level 10: yup

    Why: cause with too little shims i think i short stroke alot and yesterday when i shot it i never short stroked once and it shot sooo nice

    Valve: xvalve

    Rail: omega

    Frame: y-grip

    Air system: preset pmi 68/4500


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    Number of Shims: 2ULT 3LX
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Feels nice, just on the verge of getting bounce.
    Valve: Milled Out ReTro (was single oring previously)
    Rail: Benchmark
    Frame: Z-Grip
    Air system: CenterFlag 420 Series Preset, 68/4500
    Output: supposedly preset to 750psi, not varified.


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    Name: Nate Gordon

    Number of Shims: 2 LvX, 1 ULT

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: Still got a small chuff factor, but the reativity is gorgeous. My micro had horrible reactivity before this, but now it just sings I think I'm gonna try one more shim and see if I can keep it out of run-away.

    Valve: X-valve.

    Rail: MicroMag w/o rail.

    Frame: Blade Intelliframe ver 2.

    Air system: ACI 88/30.

    output: ? approx 750 I think.

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    Number of Shims: 3 ULT and 2LX. One more ULT shim and the bolt sticks and chuffs. Works great with the 3 2 combo

    Level 10: Yes

    Valve: X valve

    Rail: Stock RT Pro/ULE Custom

    Frame: Stock/fiber

    Air system: Crossfire HP 88 Phat

    output: 800psi to 850psi

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    3 ult shims

    Name: Bryan

    Shims: 3 ULT

    LVL 10: Yes

    Why: When I got mine it was factory installed and tuned in my Custom ULE RT PRO. It had 6 ULT Shims. It bounced like crazy and I had issues with the trigger going dead. I am down to 3 ULT shims and it works great. I have no bounce problems but the trigger is still reactive enough to reset itself quickly. I can walk it with ease. With 4 or more shims it is easy to sweet spot and bounces like crazy. We are talking full auto here. While fun, it's not legal.

    Valve: X valve

    Set up: Custom ULE RT PRO with everything they offer incl Inteli.

    Air: Crossfire 68/4500

    Output: 850 PSI

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    Name: BlackHalo

    Number of Shims: 4 x Lvl 10

    Level 10: Yes

    Why: doesn't go into runaway and I can't put any more in cause the On-off gets long enough to prevent installation of the valve.

    Valve: X-Valve

    Rail: Classic

    Frame: Z-Grip

    Air system: preset (supposed to be 800)
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    Number of Shims: 5 ULT & 1 LVL 10
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Well I wanted to get some bounce, so with the 5 Shims that were already in it I added just one and it was very easy to bounce! I thought it was too easy and decided to go down one ULT Shim, when I did that the reactivity was good, but no matter what, I couldn't get it to bounce at all, so I added the 1 Level 10 again, and its very easy to bounce, and still very easy to easy to shoot normal (haven't tried walking yet.) Now I just need a faster hopper :P.
    Valve: X-valve RTP
    Rail: stock
    Frame: Intelli
    Air system: preset Crossfire 68/3000
    output: 800 psi

    Mag Owner #2

    Green / Black RT Pro:
    1. Evil Pipe Barrel 12" Green Tip | 2. Blade Trigger/Intelliframe
    3. X-Valve | 4. 32* Green Gel Grips
    5. Level 10 | 6. ULT (5 ULT Shims 1 Lvl 10 Shim)
    7. ULE Verticle Green Body | 8. Ricochet Apache
    9. Centerflag 68/4500 HPA Tank | 10. Dye 68ci HP Tank Cover
    11. Green Shocktech Stumpy Dropforward | 12. Shocktech on/off ASA
    13. Rogue Rail | 14. VA w/ Green CP Foregrip

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    Name: Carbon Blue

    Number of Shims: 3ULT and 2LvlX

    Level 10: Yes

    Valve: X-Valve

    Rail: Minimag

    Frame: Intelliframe

    Air system: Adjustable 68ci 4500maxflo

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    is there harm in running 7shims or more?

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    Name: Ruston
    Number of Shims: 4 Lvl X
    Level 10: Yes ( one lvl 10 shim)
    Why: chuffing and search for a better sweet spot
    Valve: Xvalve
    Rail: custom milled my own
    Frame: RPG Chimera
    Air system: Nitro Duck
    output: Fixed 800
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    Name - Classified
    Number of shims - 7 & shortned pin
    LVL10 - yes
    Valve - X
    Why - cus I want the pull to use as little force as possible and as much return 'kick' as possible
    Frame - home made electro-pnuematic Intilliframe
    Air system - Centerflag 201 set @ 900 psi

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    Im from Florida. Wee.
    Name: Chris The Almighty
    Number of Shims: 7 ULT
    Level 10: Yes.
    Why: i get alot of bounce tword the top of the trigger, and i can still single shot on the bottom no problem.
    Valve: X
    Rail: RPG Recon Rail
    Frame: Intelliframe
    Air system: preset Pure Energy
    output: dont know for sure

    i also run a classic valve with 4 ult shims and it works fine, even with the carbon fiber single trigger on the same tank.
    MY MAG, Ultra Jim
    ULE Body
    Lvl 10
    Classic Valve
    ULT on/off valve
    DYE Xcel Barrel
    Quick Disconnect Thingies on the valve
    88ci 3000psi Fixed Nitrogen System
    12 Volt Revy

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    Name: Steve
    Number of Shims: 4 ULT
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Gets me the fastest I can go! No short-stroking or runaway.
    Valve: X-Valve
    Rail: ULE Karta
    Frame: Intelliframe w/ RPG Viperblade
    Air system: Crossfire 68/4500
    Output: 800 psi

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    Name: Gene
    Number of Shims: 2 lvlX 4 ult
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: i like the reactivity. i get some baounce. i am chuffing i tad and getting bolt stick a tad so i may take out a ult shim but i love the pull it is walkable
    Valve: Xvalve
    Rail: AM/MM
    Frame: Intelli
    Air system: preset dye tank
    output: i belive its 800 or 850
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    Name: Andrew
    Number of Shims: 4 or 5 ULT plus 1 LX ???
    Level 10: Yes.
    Why: I can't remember the exact number, but I put in as many as I could. The gun bounced really easily (almost on the point of run away), then I backed off one ULT shim, and could fire with, or without reactivity. Can now walk, sweet-spot (a burst), or single shot... very nice
    Valve: X
    Rail: Wingless Tac Rail
    Frame: Intelliframe
    Air system: preset Pure Energy
    output: 850 psi ?

    ULE RT Custom Pro

    I'm new to the MAG, but I'm really loving this gun!

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    Name: Jim
    Number of Shims: 6
    Level 10: Yes
    Why: Started to blow air out the barrel with 7 shims
    Valve: X
    Rail: RPG
    Frame: RPG
    Air system: preset maxflo micro
    output: about 850

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