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Thread: ULT: Survey -Shims, what is everyone running on RT/X's...

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    ULT: Survey -Shims, what is everyone running on RT/X's...

    Kinda like the Level 10 survey on what everyone was running to determine the average working setup, please post the number of shims that you are using in your ULT. I'm asking for RT/Retro/Emag/X valve owners only - not to exclude the AIR guys, but from what I understand from RobAGD the number of shims to *possibly* get the ULT working in an AIR is unreal. If you are using an Emag, please respond only if the Emag valve is be used in a mechanical setup. (Or of your electronics are dead and you've got an expensive RT )

    Please state how many, and of what type (level 10, or ULT) shims you are using. Also please include a blurb on how/why you arrived at the number you did. I think I read somewhere that the max number of ULT shims was 6, which would equal 3 level 10. I'm interested to know who's at or above the 6 mark. I think everyone should also include level 10 or not, valve type, rail type, and frame type. Old school RT guys, just need to say "old school RT." WEalso need to know the type of air system you are using and the output.


    Name: (optional)
    Number of Shims: (please state the number and TYPE) (Type = level 10 or ULT)
    Level 10: Yes or no.
    Why: (please state what problem/issue/reasoning caused you to arrive at the number of shims you are using)
    Valve: (RT, Retro, Xvalve) (Emag, RTP and ReTro are all ReTro)
    Rail: (RTP/Emag, stock, any other like Omega)
    Frame: (Intelli, Stock, Benchmark.
    Air system: (preset or adjustable)
    output: (PSI output of airsystem)

    Remember, ULT shims are .005 and ULE are .010 therefore 1 ULE = 2 ULT.
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