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Thread: Bigspanky123 feedback!!

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    Bigspanky123 feedback!!

    if you have bought or traded with me leave your feedback here thanks
    System x NME Serial# 0089 Polished Black
    Empire b reloader smoke diamond
    70/4500 stubby
    Freak barrel

    Hey guys if your in the northest florida section a good place to buy paintball stuff from is

    Paintball Emporium Inc.
    Phone # 904-288-5526

    they offer more supplies, cheaper than msrp prices, can special order anything,full line of woodsball/recball accessories, full line of speedball/tourney accessories,

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    he is a very good trader and keeps in contact with you the whole time. i traded my mag for his vision imp and we both shipped the same day with no problems at all.


    edit: after further review and airing the gun up and taking it apart there was one slight problem. the maxflow leaked out of one of the grub screws but i was able to fix that up for the most part. it was not a big deal and an easy fix
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    My Guns: chrome and black pump mag
    -black 2k sniper 2
    -32* vision imp with ups, ECS, reloader B
    -was'd imp w/ i-frame and all ups, warp feed
    -88/3000 and 48/3000 tanks

    AIM: Paintball1084

    my feedback

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    this guy is great if you get a chance to deal with him do it

    made a trade with me his mag for my ir3 ... he is really easy to deal with i hope the rest of the people on here i meet and make deals with go this easy .......... thanks again man .....
    my end wasnt 100 percent perfect at all but he is willing to deal with ... what ever it takes .keep on contact man

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    Roseboro NC

    great guy had to trade with him again and so soon

    traded him my maxflow for a mag and some gear ... nice guy easy to deal with who know's
    i might be dealing with him soon again .. keep me posted on what you get i want first offer ... lol thanks again

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