i normally work 7-3. this is when you will see most of my activity here on the forums, because I get my work done in time, and have downtime to spare.

well, today shouldnt be different right? or so I thought.

i come in a 7.. transform into joe, the post-a-holic on the AO boards and do some work. 8am rolls around, and a co-worker is late, as usual. i check the schedule to meke sure he is in. above his name I see mine, 3-11. WTF? i checked this on saturday and I swore it said 7-3. anyways, I called my supervisor, who himself always shows up late.. around 10-11.. told me to go home and come back later in the day.

bah, what a kick in the face.

so, now, im at home, and I get to watch talkshows all morning..

i really hope theres some good stuff on techTV thismorning.