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Thread: What do you think? (Team Website)

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    What do you think? (Team Website)

    What ya think? A work in the progress I'm hopefully going to come up with some nifty CSS style and layout for the HTML page, and j.t. on these forums is going to try to get a flash section up and running.
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    kicks the crap outta our team site, lol its still in prgress:

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    Looks good.
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    Wow, Pie Revolution.... reminds me of a team/website I made a while back...
    (ps- Team Pie is no longer around)

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    I really like the flash intro...

    and the site is nice too

    Will, did u do the design...if so...Kudos

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    j.t. did what is up there now for a temp. thing till I fix my rusty css skills. Used to be able to do awsome stuff in it. Now.. I gotta start from scratch learning.

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