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Thread: Couple of crazy ideas

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    Couple of crazy ideas

    Okay here are my 2 crazy ideas for paintball, tell me what you think just don't steal them.

    1 Paintballs feed from the back of the gun. they kinda go on a ramp and drop to the chamber, Kinda like the sprinf eeds on pistols but more incorperated into the gun. A warp feed like system coupld push the paintballs through. This could create a very small marker

    2. Balls a propelled from 2 spinning wheels, like a pitching machine. I guess it would have to be electric, or possibly spun by air. It could shoot as fast as the hopper feeds. and it could use idea number one to feed it.

    3 balls feed from the bottom.....oh wait Tom already has that

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    i have a mag 4 u if u still need 1

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    1. I don't really see what the advantage of this would be, a standard warp module would be fine.

    2. This would more than likely tear the crap out of the paintballs causing a huge mess.

    3. I believe it was stated that the problem with this is that force has to be constantly applied to the balls to prevent chops and misfeeds unlike the "traditional" warp style. If you check the Tippmann forums on PBN, someone made a bottom feed M98.

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