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Thread: ?delrin bolt?

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    ?delrin bolt?

    Ive been thinking about delrin bolts for mags.
    I know that Agd thought about a delrin super bolt
    but it never got off the ground dew to to much wear
    on the bolt.

    I have 2 questions :

    1. Is the wear on the proto delrin super bolt caused form the bolt spring or the bolt moving through the chamber.

    2. Could there possibly be some sort of delrin insert that could be incorperated into the body of the mag that could reduce the wear on the bolt.


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    I believe it was the wear from the sear.

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    Ummm, SuperboltII otherwise known as Lvl10.

    AGD gave up on Delrin, don't think it's worth anybody's time to try again.

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    I dont

    I have a design but i have no bolt to test it on.........
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    I believe that shocktech alwready came out with a delron bolt for their version of the emag.

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    Originally posted by Kingman01
    I believe that shocktech already came out with a delron bolt for their version of the emag.
    Once again, super bolt 1. AGD gave up and developed the super bolt II. Otherwise known as lvl10.

    Now, you could always try to make a lightweight bolt using the same principles as the lvl10 bolt but with a 'regular' non-lvl10 piston.

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    If it was wear from the sear coudn't you have that part of the bolt metal and the rest delrin?

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    I think the wear on the bolt was due to 3 things:

    the spring was wearing the sides,

    the support ring in the mag body can be too tight and may have been damaging some of them if the delrin had swelled (not like stainless where AGD can machine it and expect it to stay the same size)

    the Entry to the barrel/breech area is traumatic if the barrel is not properly shaped, or it is off center or mis-aligned.

    This can be caused by an over tightening of a couple things in the mag like a too long front screw in the grip frame.


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    The delrin bolt was NOT a prototype it was fully manufactured i have a brand new one from years ago in the pakcage sitting in my drawer, the delrin has wear problems but later they switched to nylon, im not sure what material mine is made out of and itsi mpossible to tell as far as i know. They wore out because they are moving right along scraping on the spring all the time, they dont really make any significant difference, accept back when they were made they were advertised and being lighter weight thus having less recoil, they work fine unless one wears out.
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    Wow, I was just thinking about this too...Didn't realy think about wear issues though. What about an aluminum bolt with delrin in the middle, i dont know if that offers any advantage over a solid alum bolt though.
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    Delrin on the inside could maybe reduce friction on the powertube, but a lubed standard bolt wouldnt be much difference, but thats a pretty good idea, maybe stainless with delrin.

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