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Thread: A couple of Questions about the TAC-One Body

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    A couple of Questions about the TAC-One Body

    Hopefully, someone from the AGD team will sound off on this.

    Looking at the right side of the Tac-One body, it appears that the typical path for the air lines will interfere with the use of the picatinny rail on that side. Has anything been mounted there with the valve using a standard macroline air-fitting up to the gas-through fore-grip?

    Will the body support the use of a reverse X-valve so that the right side of the body can be used as the primary equipment mounting rail?

    I'm left handed and would use the right side as my red-dot scope mount, the left side would be for secondary mounts.

    It also appears that the picatinny rail part of the body that extends over the valve is not usable on the right side in order to leave a path for the air-fitting. Could we order a body without this extension? This would be the easiest solution to insuring the body can support a reverse valve.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Well at this point we are doing the over the valve body. Yes its cut off a bit where the airline goes in but still offers some support even if the scope mount is just hanging on the top of the rail. I'm sure in the future you will be able to get a short one or you can just order it unanoed and cut it off yourself.


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