Well guys, as promised, here's a few pics of my guns:

Pewter Shocktech Intimidator
  • Matching 14" .689 Pewter Dye Boomstick
  • Smoke HALO B with RipDrive and Z-Code
  • Shocktech Chrome Straight MiniDrop and On/Off ASA
  • Nitro Duck X-Stream 68/4500 Tank
  • WAS Equalizer Board v2.6
  • WAS Switch
  • Shocktech Bolt
  • Shocktech Ram
  • Shocktech Ram Cap
  • Chrome Lasoya Reg Housing
  • Chrome Lasoya Eye Covers
  • Chrome Lasoya Sideplates
  • Chrome Lasoya Trigger Guard
  • Chrome Lasoya LPR
  • Chrome Dragon Trigger
  • Chrome Torpedo Regulator
  • Chrome Clamping Low-Rise
  • Chrome Hybrid Volumizer
  • Bob Long MiniGuage
  • The WHOLE Body is done up in Stainless Steel screws
  • Dye Sticky3's

Pewter SFL E-Mag #EM01569
  • 12" .689 Chrome-tipped Dye Titanium Boomstick
  • Clear HALO B
  • Aluminum JAVA Vertical Adapter
  • Dual Magnetic Kila-detents (raw)
  • Shocktech Pewter Long Drop with Chrome On/Off ASA
  • CenterFlag Hyperflow 68/4500 Tank
  • 3.2 Software with Shot Buffering
  • Level10
  • ACE

Picture(s) of both guns:

I also have a 10" .692 Large Bore Dye Boomstick and an All-Aluminum 12" Powerlyte Scepter that I may use on both guns.

In the near future, I will be re-annoing that SFL Emag. For the Shocktech Intimidator, I am currently looking for a CP Chrome Adjustable Ram Cap, a CP Chrome Snatch-grip, and one of those new CP Chrome Clamping Rises or whatever they call them (hint hint dealers)

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics; I will post better ones in a few days. I'd appreciate it if a few AO Photo buffs could give me some pointers because the guns' true colors are somewhat lighter and obviously those pictures don't do the guns any justice.

Thanks for looking!