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Thread: My new Shocktech Intimidator and old SFL Emag

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    Originally posted by sneakyhacker420
    ...ever wanna sell it?
    Sure, everything's for sale for a price. Keep in mind though that if someone bought my SFL, they HAVE to also purchase the extra battery pack, CnC Battery housing, etc. Pretty much all my Emag stuff.
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    eh dont sell him an sfl for any price, he lives to close to me. 2 sfl's in the same city is just too many sfl's
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    LittlePaintballBoy Guest
    AHHHHHHHH, I remember the underwater thing, your friend dropped it in a lake right? I just didn't remember that was you.

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    hey i need to know, how is the shot buffering 3.2 software? im trying to weigh between an xmag adn an alias the new 2k4 timmy. so hows the new software, i always hated the old software it suxs so bad lol. can u make a vid of u shootin gthe x for u?

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    I like the 3.2 software with the buffering. I'll make a video of me shooting the SFL 3.2 style this weekend.

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    can u make it tomorrow please! heh lol im thinkin of buying one of teh special edition xmags. but how does the 3.2 compare to your was

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    It compares really nicely I think. You can really tell the shot buffering doesn't discard your extra trigger pulls and such.

    Of course, on the timmy, the WAS really helps me fine tune my gun.

    I'd suggest picking up one of the SE AO X-Mags if you want to be different. There's just too many WAS'd timmies going around.

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    well i think i see an alias (2k4) in my future

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