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Thread: Phd Bad Trader!!!!

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    Phd Bad Trader!!!!

    PHD is his name on here but in real life his name is "Matthew Dean" and lives in Reno.

    The deal was supposed to go down where i sent him 150 then once i got the valve i would send out my classic valve with lvl 7. So i send out my money and he gets it in a week and says he will send out the valve the next week no shipping, then the next week...Then he says he shipped it and it turns out "it didnt leave the UPS store...." Which i highly doubt and he said he doesnt want to hassle with it anymore. Then he says he sended back my money. Its been a week since he "sent the money". Buyers beware. His email is

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    But you did get the cash back? Yes of course you did.

    Somethings are out of peoples hands. Like a packaging/shipping store losing a shipping request slip. As it was I lost my deal on what I needed your valve for, cause of these delays. So I cut my losses short and sent a refund. Sorry. And I'm sorry to others that may not want to trade with me now.

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