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Thread: !!!BAD TRADER paintballshtr13!!!

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    Angry !!!BAD TRADER paintballshtr13!!!

    Mike Burton from Colgate, WI 53017-9606
    AIM: paintballshtr13
    Handle from paintballaholick
    story: we made a trade where we were supposed to ship same time, i sent my part (around late Sep), and he didnt ship his part till a week after he got my package or so he said. on top of that up to this day (nov 3), i still havent gotten his package (a ricochet ak). this guy is totally unreliable, its a pain to get in contact w/ him as well.

    here is the thread where he offered me the rico

    UPDATE: NOV 14
    i was given a tracking number from UPS, i am expecting the package on monday, which should consist of a working 2k rico, my angel va, my 32* drop, and my asa which he messed up somehow.

    UPDATE: Nov 17, today i have recieved my package w/ my thigns back plus an AK rico. i have been waiting for this package since october 14. the asa is messed up and unusable right now, and my va was scratched but w/e. the drop is in good condition and the ak is in good condition.
    i have recieved my part, and i will no longer stalk him around the forums tellin people to not deal w/ him. but i will keep this thread open to anyone who is curious about this transaction.

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