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Thread: Emag questions.

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    Emag questions.

    Hi, I have been looking to get a new gun and out of all of my choices(matrix,angel lcd, excalibur, intimidator, emag), I finally chose the emag. I mainly chose an emag(aside from its great performance) because of how Tom Kaye treats the people on this board, and all of his companies customers, this really speaks for the company, and you deserve much thanks for it. When a company can succede immensely using the "quality, not quantity" ideal, its a great thing.

    Now, my question is, what is the real difference between a Regular emag and all of the modular emags(SFL's, extreems). I know that the modulars use cocker style threads and have ACE's, but does a Regular emag chop all that much in hybrid or electronic that it requires a ACE, and Ive heard that the cocker threads give it better accuracy, then again, Ive heard the opposite as well. Of course, the modulars have looks, and are lighter, but that doesnt really matter much to me, regular emags are 3 lbs. And how about using the modulars with a vertically mounted hopper, have you ever had a vertical elbow break? Lastly, has anyone tried benchmark tests comparing accuracy(please, dont talk about range, I dont want to start a debate) using the same paint and bore sizes? Ok, so its a lot, but if you can answer just one of those questions, it would really help a soon to be mag owner out.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The main difference is weight and ACE, with the interchangable breech!! Accuracy is in your barrel anyway, I get great accuracy out of mine without the threaded barrel, so I do not believe that makes any diferrence!!! As for "chopping", the only time I chopped was when I was outshooting my revvy, now, with the Xboard revvy or the HALO, that problem should be non existent!! Hope this helps!!!
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    A Modular body will allow you to mill and anodize your E-Mag, so that you can make your marker more personal to your style. The Cocker barrels, because they have more threads (heck, have threads PERIOD) are more accurate than the twist-lock barrels, which can tend to shake around if the o-rings are not big enough in my experience. The "paint to bore" match barrels are pretty much a big hit on this server, and most people (if not all) will swear by them. I don't like vertical hoppers, because of the blow back, and that powerfeed (in my experience) feeds faster and better. Plus, it makes your hopper a bigger target. Regular E-Mags are gems in my opinion, and if I had the choice, I'd go regular to 1) save money, and 2) keep using my old twist-lock barrels. I don't need to get all spiffy with modular bodies... though if you can spare the cash, it is nice...

    Hope this helps.

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    I live around West Palm Beach. And thanks for all the input. I think one of the big deciding factors on what type of mag I get is going to be availability(Regular mags being readily available, while Modulars are undergoing a new design and arent out yet).

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    oh, and about emag with a warp feed, full hopper, drop forward, asa, and full 88ci 4500psi tank gets VERY heavy after about 4-5 games. by the end of the day your arms will feel like jell-o (well mine do anyway! ) Either choice is good, if you can afford it, get the extreme. or you can always get a regular emag then upgrade to the extreme for a few hundred more later on. this is what i plan on doing.

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    Chopping is a feed issue, the gun doesn't have much of a role in this - the EMag does not have a problem. Current EMags/Mags don't always work so good on crappy brittle paint - Extreme and 2nd Gen SFLs will be as good as any other gun on brittle paint. A cocker barrel is no more or less accurate than a mag barrel despite threads vs. orings... etc... makes no difference.

    An SFL/Extreme is an EMag with a different body and the ACE addition. Fundamentally the same otherwise.

    PowerFeed/Warpbody works better than Vert feed.

    ACE is kinda like having insurance - probably don't really need it but it saves you when you do.

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    Around West Palm?? Where EXACTLY?? Slipknot and I live in Jupiter, usually get our stuff from Jerrys Army Navy Paintball, and play out at righteous(if u ever heard of it)

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    my e-mag, through its lifespan, has seen about 7 cases of paint, and has broken 1 ball (which was with the board capped at 16BPS, my fault, after that 1 break i turned it down to 11BPS and haven't had any feeding issues since). What I love most about the E-mag over any other electros, I've decided, is the instant action. When you pull the trigger, the gun is done cycling before you've completely pulled the trigger. When you pair that with the non-existant recoil and trigger with no "click", the gun just feels nice to shoot.

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    Dude u live near west palm that is so cool, i live in Jupiter like 10 min away from West palm.

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    new E-Mag user, too.

    I'm a new user and bought mine for similar reasons you listed. I was in awe of all the helpful postings on these boards by AO users.

    I've only fired a fired a few hundred rounds through mine, but no problems what so ever.

    The rig fully loaded w/ paint (warp, tank, hopper) is heavy, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I would like to find a reliable sling, though.

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    here this might help you. Emags are just the best. (I dont own one but wish i did)

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    Sweet, yeah, I go up to Righteous every now and then. Usually I play at Mikes since it right by where I live though. Have you ever seen someone in a green Power2k jersey with an silver angel, or a person in a blue JT jersey with a blue freeflow cocker(me)?

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    YES YES i have seen you. You have a very nice angel. Me and my friend david saw you when we were gearing up.

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    Cool, maybe we can meet up and play some games sometimes. Wasn't my angel though, I use a blue FreeFlow, soon to be using an emag.

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    are u coming to righteous in april? and if u are... are u gonna have ur Emag?

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