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Thread: Mayberry Marauders Scenario Team takes MVT

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    Mayberry Marauders Scenario Team takes MVT

    The Mayberry Marauders received the MVT award at MXS's Texas Throwdown for their hardwork and exceptional play during the event.

    We had a great time playing along side of AO and AGD, and couldn't have done it with out you!!

    AGD, thank you for your support of the Marauders in the 2003 season and we look forward to playing ball with everyone next year!!

    Not Bob
    Capt. Mayberry Marauders
    Scenario Paintball Team

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    Congratulations! It was a pleasure playing alongside you guys again.

    Also, congrats and thank you's to Evil Inc. and Bad Karma as well for all their hard work.

    That's right everybody- 3 AGD sponsored scenario teams in one spot. Lots of mags shooting this weekend to be sure.

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    it was fun running with you guys, and i'm sure bobby and alex feel the same way.

    can't wait til next game

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    Go Mayberry!!



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    Great job guys.

    It was great fun (so long as we didn't leave the speedball field to go into the long road of poopie)
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