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Thread: Cphil, I jsut need your Email addy

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    Cphil, I jsut need your Email addy

    yes this is me and yes I know I'm banned, but I just want to know Cphils email addy so we can get this worked out. I cant use the button under his posts or in his profile cuz I'm banned,(Don't know why banned people can't email you but W/E) I thought you ment my sig was to tall, so I made it shorter. just email me at and tell me what you want me to do with the sig. And I know you didnt want me to post it in every one of my post, and if you look you will see I started doing this, but It;s hard to remember to do it every time, when I'm not used to removing my sig from my posts.

    I wont post againg with this account, just wanted to be able to email cphil so I can get this problem worked out and not get banned again.

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    Read the rules posted up top here in friendly corner then check your properties and also quite posting them every time you reply. Just one in each thread.

    I gonna forgive you this new account. I am going to ban it though. And you do your three days. OK is my email. But its also live under my post there. See the button?

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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