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Thread: Smart Parts Patent Will Destroy Paintball! - Read!

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    Smart Parts Patent Will Destroy Paintball! - Read!

    Smart Parts broadended their patent, and it was revised in January. The patent is very broad. The patent covers ANY paintball marker that has an on/off switch. This means Spyders with electronic triggers, Intimidators, Angels, Matrices, Bushmasters, and anything else with a battery will be in violation of Smart Parts' patent.

    On Friday, a judge approved Smart Parts' request to proceed with their lawsuit for patent infringements. On September 3rd, a trial will begin. This is moving very quickly.

    As a patent consultant myself, and can not understand how the patent can be granted, as it will impede technology, which is one of the things that a patent can never do.

    Smart Parts is rumored to want a million dollar signing fee, and $75 per unit sold for a royalty fee.

    I would recommend contacting Smart Parts and expressing your concern.
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