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Thread: Smart Parts Patent Will Destroy Paintball! - Read!

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    Kai Guest
    Reb is right, SP stands to make alot of money with this venture.

    While we can all say that we will not uphold the electro scene if this goes down, I don't think we can speak for the hardcore tourney players.

    They play to win. I can see most of them putting aside company loyalties and such in order to get the winning edge.

    Still...this doesn't sit well with me. I can only hope that things go well for the rest of us, and SP loses the lawsuits.

    We will just have to wait and see.

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    Was this situation talked about at IAO during the meeting of the industry heads? TK, oh noble leader, what can AO and the rest of the paintball community do to fight Smart Parts?

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  3. How will this effect eBlade frames? They are sold separately from the guns.

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    Originally posted by WickedAirSportz
    If the rumor is correct, it's just not $75 per marker. There would be a 1 millon dollar signing fee before any units could be sold at all.
    One million dollars!!!!!! That is utterly rediculous. By the time many of these companies cough up that money, they would be out. This is a dirty, dirty move, and I hope Smart Parts not only loses, but gets counter-sued!
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  5. Power to the People
    Down w/ Smart Parts

    I still dont see how they could even get a patent, must be some backasswards locale

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    i have not read through the whole 5 pages, but what i know is you are not requiered to patent a name if you have used it for over 3 years, would the same apply to mechanical/computer patent?

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    Thumbs down

    Freely distribute the contents of that page, rehost, do whatever.

    If you have updated the package..send it, or a new one back to me.

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    They closed the thread at IOG, but I opened another:


    johnny Im not going to argue anymore we have differing oppinions of what will happen, I guess we will just have to see.

    But I do stand by what I said that Smart Parts will not controll the paintball market completely EVER.

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    I dont' know if it's been said in this thread yet but if this goes through and kills electronic paintmarkers all I'll have to say is:

    "...And they said mechanical markers were a dieing breed"

    This isn't going to kill paintball (unless SP goes farther) it's just going to stunt it a little (until we find a way around it).

    We've already survived how many years without electros?


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    Well if you guys remember SP has been pushing for this for a long time. But look at it from their point of view: They invent the electro gun only to have others copy and make millions of dollars. You make the first switicable bore barrel only to have others copy it. You can see why there upset, put yourself in their shoes and think what you would do.

    Now I never said completely, I said they would have a firm hold on some areas of the paintball market but not a total monoply, but if you dont want to argue anymore I respect your wishes.

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    I wanna see how this pans out. Im all for a SP boycott, although not many people on AO use SP in the 1st place, but still.

    Uhh...I dont know how to say this, but if we need any uhhhh taken me.
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    It's not "just" another $75.

    If the rumor is true, and SP demands a $1Million licensing fee... well, as an example, if the company only sells 20,000 markers under that license, that's another $50 per marker, for a total cost increase of $125.

    You know who pays that? You do. When you buy the gun. Increased costs of manufacturing are always passed on to the consumer.

    How about those special-edition Timmies or C&C Angels? What if Delta has to buy another $1 Million license to make a run of only 400 Lasoya Intimidators?

    That's $2,500 per gun just in licensing fees. What's a Lasoya going for, $1,600? That makes for a grand total of a $4,175 marker.

    What if your only choice was a $3,000 Angel or a $750 Shocker 4X4 that weighs a pound and half more and gets a quarter the shots per tank?

    This is a good thing?


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    Originally posted by DK1
    here's a little fat for the fire... I posted it on the TG already.
    How about detailed (even with ASCII art) instructions on how to build a electronically controlled paintball cannon from 1994? Btw, the person who posted that claimed to have just delayed the writing, but had the plans back in 1993.
    Nice work!
    Here are 3 posts about electros from 1994:
    Electro Automag from 1994
    Electro Cocker from 1994
    A bolt-on E-GRIP from 1994

    So, like you said...
    "how about them apples!".

    (By the way, I'm mentioned in one of those threads...)


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    SP invented the electro gun? Or did they steal it and got mad b/c everyone else follow suit?

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    Perhaps cockers and mags will dominate the scene once again?

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    chuff chuff

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    imo where patent law fails is when an outrageously broad patent claim is used to supress competition...or just for profit.

    as an example. there is a company in CA whole sole business is buying little known or used patents and trying to make them applicable to a wide scope and sueing and/or extorting people who use products that violate that patent...not the makers of the products...the users.

    they bought a patent that dealt with what is now e-comerce. ie. any digital means of making a monetary transaction. this patent was from the early 80's or late seventies and given up by the inventor because the concept was outdated by the time it was patented. they used it to sue small mom and pop websites who sell stuff online...not paypal, ebay, or online banks...the users because they dont have the $ to fight...they roll over and pay.

    now they have bought the patent on digital distribution of imagery. ie. jpeg, mpeg, qt, gif, any digital media format. this patent was filed way before there were any images on the precursor to the internet...just another idea patented and tossed in a file for future use. well this company bought it and are now sueing small adult oriented websites. why go after the little guys? why not sue apple and microsoft who make the tools to make and distribute digital images? because the little guys cant fight...and nobody in that comunity has or will get any public support or political help fighting the suits. so they have to pay 50% of their yearly profits or cease and decist using digital images.

    BUT the big plot is once the easiest victims have rolled over and the precident has been set that the patent is valid...then they can go after the multi billion dollar companies. thats the grand scheme and final goal. and why our patent system is really wacked. you can have a patent and just wait till the time is right to cash in.

    imo smart parts are looking to force everybody else to pay or go under leaving them at the top of the hill. this from a company who never invented anything for themselves. they bought or stole every patent they hold.

    they are after the big prize. if they win they can go after every company who ever made an electro. what they really want is the back damages...$75 from every electro sold back to the day of the patent filing. that would even hurt kingman!

    this is one fiasco that has to have bud sittin back on his harley chuckling.

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    Word is out. There have been posts on many of the boards I frequent, and we're telling everyone we know. Tippmann's forums, the Tinker's Guild, IPR, here, PBN. Keep spreading the word, both online and on the field. We don't have to take it, and we can voice our opinions with our dollars.
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    Good points Doc.

    I think it becomes obvious to us now that if SP wins this suit many companies will go out of business. WDP for their Angel, Bob Long for his Timmies, Kingman will lose a lot of money with the increased price of their electros which could result in them going out of buisness.

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    Sounds more like they were just the first to patent one with an on/off switch. Which screws the guys who were already maken em.


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    exactly, I dont see how anyone can put a positive spin on this.

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    HAHAHA IOG is down, guess it got flooded. LMFAO

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    oops nvm guess i had bad link

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    Perhaps cockers and mags will dominate the scene once again?
    Hmmmmmm or maybe not. If the electro market goes down you can expect to see alot of super semis go on the market. Super fast mechs that can compete with electros. Kinda intresting when you think about it huh?

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    Originally posted by Johnny_Reb
    They invent the electro gun only to have others copy and make millions of dollars. You make the first switicable bore barrel only to have others copy it. You can see why there upset, put yourself in their shoes and think what you would do.

    Aiiiiiing!!! WRONG!

    Do you read any other posts but yours? Who invented the electro? And who started the switchable bore? NOT SP. Looks like Navy started electros and OTP had sleeves first. BTW, my friend has a SP impy and it sucks.

  26. I love all this crap from a company that wasnt even around for pumps and pistols...WTF they are like a 10yr old company

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    Originally posted by PAINTMAN112

    you said it yourself its a rumor, things like happen quite often in several industries, how often do the big companies win.. look at microsoft? if sp wins this patent lawsuit whocares they will most likely control the marker market via monopoly then get broken up that way. Sure they are wrong for doing this, but is it likely they will win no, and if its only a rumor why worry about it?


    this is something to worry about, if they got this far, whats to say they wont make it all the way(peopel saying that their patent is to broad and stuff)\

    this is outrageous

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    iog not down there just closing all the threads

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    True No skillz but Shockers were the first to really catch on, and as most ppl see it they invented the first electro.

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