View Poll Results: which should i get for my micromag??

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  • body, rial, foregrip ( i would have to pay for part)

    5 18.52%
  • Logic Vert frame

    6 22.22%
  • x valve(trade in and i would have to pay)

    15 55.56%
  • none, save my money and go fishing

    1 3.70%
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Thread: upgrade this or that?

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    upgrade this or that?


    for my birthday in january should i...

    get a ule body rail and foregrip

    get a logic vert frame

    get an x valve

    .... i currently have a micromag with a intelli but im definately gettin rid of it fora logic frame

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    i voted for the logic frame. its the best frame i have seen or used for a mag. the x valve is wonderful too but is twice as much even with the trade in.

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    X-valve and then a ULT. Mechanical trigger walking mayhem. Not alot could beat that for a good time.
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    If it's your birthday and you're not paying I'd say get the X-valve. Save the less expensive things for yourself to buy
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    it's definatly xvalve or body in my mind.
    it's just, how much do you have to put in for each?
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    lets see... add it up... for body rail and rogue grip....considering its jsut a ule body and a regular rail... maybe a used one... how much voer 200 is that... cause thats all my parents will spend on me

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    Talking X-valve Dude!

    The other stuff is pretty. Pretty is OK bu the X-valve will make your marker scream. Blazingace is right as well. The ULT makes it easier to shoot faster with out your muzzle bobbling around quite so much.

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    that was my first thinking... but ult and xvalve are 275... notice how i said my parents would only pay 200????

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    well then save up the extra 75 bucks and get them. or you could just buy the xvalve, then save up for the ult later. then there is the other idea i had, u know, the milling of the micro body, but i would still get an xvalve first, lvl 10 and blazing speed, even without a ult.

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    im going to prosue the other idea of yours barberjohn... but if that fails then its probly gunna be teh x valve

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    sounds good! oh, and dont forget to post pics when you get it done, i want to see this thing!

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