As I'm sure EVERYONE has read in the thread "Just how good are the Hyperframes ... eh?" ( ) 'ole slushee was looking at getting his Hyperframe ...


Today I called up and asked if they carry the automag hyperframe ... seems as though none in stock, but YeS!!!

So I asked, does the "no tax, no shipping costs" deal they have going on mean I only pay the 349.99 w/o tax and shipping? ... Yes!!!

Sooooo..... to convert the 349.99 from CDN to USD, it seems as though I have just bought a BRAND NEW Hyperframe for 267.94 w/o tax and shipping. Thats right .. BRAND NEW hyperframe for 267.94

Just thought i'd pass the good news to any canadian AO'ers

Now to email 'ole Doc Nickel about a trigger job for the hyperframe