hi people long time no see. I was going to reply to another thread but figured this would actually be better in its own thread. Now ive been out of it for a year so i am not all up to date on where agd has gone but...

sponsor a pro team i think if agd was serious and got a really good team i mean one that was definately going to win many tournys, that might be an ok buy. but then you have to spend how much in adds to let people know you have that team. and yadda yadda.

here is somehtign i have not seen yet. if those numbers are correct. 250k you could hire for 50k per year 5 college educated and expirenced engineers to build products and work on any problems you could have.

or for about the same price you could hire and pay the way for 4 -5 representatives. to travel areas of the country and support AGD products. every buisness is doign that now days drop by a hardware store for a week and see the reps and vendors goto work they educate, and persuade costomers to buy thier products. I had at one time expirence in home depot and you might be amazed how well a paint rep can get costomers to buy his paint he has the ability to show you little expirements, to prove that his paint has cirtain qualities and will even bust open a can of someone elses paint to prove it. Then sit back and watch that costomers spread the same knowledge to people they know.

I personally think that is a much better use of your money. the only way a pro team is worth it is if they are for sure going to win and at every tourney every member of that team will be pressing your product hard. Reps can do that in many more places much better imo.

Other things reps do is make sure that store employees are knowledgable about products.

for those who dont know let me show you what a typical day of an AGD rep might be like. You drive to a store, you go into the store and you say hi to the employees you look for employees you dont know yet. then you ask them what they know about your product and you invite them to follow you as you make sure the AGD products are looking nice and displayed in thier right places. then you start to tell them how AGD products work what is so good about them and you will probably have a couple stickeers or small promo items for them. then you hang out in the store for a while and help the store out with customers or anythign they need. I have had reps help me stock shelves with boxes from other products or do anythign even sweep the floor. they do this cause winning a friend is winning costomer base. An agd gun rep would also be armed with a complete sample product line backed up with brand new products all ready to be sold directly to the store at that time. WHY ? well in many cases in paintball a store cannot afford to stock a paintball gun like an emag xtreme in which case if the rep was doing a good job in a store he might have a customer wanting that item that day and the rep could go pull it out of his car put it on the stores credit and the store could sell it right there to that new agd customer. Or many times a rep doing a good job will actually persuade the store owner to start stocking agd products that day in which case he will need a couple warps, air systems and maybe a gun or 2 right away to get him set up.

on any given day an agd rep might be playing and demoing products at a field fixing an agd product for someone for free. anythign that will help sell products and educate players and employees.

sorry if thats hard to read im still tired.

I believe that this would sell far more guns then any sponsorship could ever handle.