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Thread: Where is tha ezpiration date on your tank suppose to be?

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    Where is tha ezpiration date on your tank suppose to be?

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    The date the tank was manufactured is on the label of the tank. Depending on your tank it can be anyway but it appears as a code. I have a PMI 88CU 3000 PSI tank. My tank was manufactured on 06-00. It appears as this (06-IA11-00) on the tank label. This tank expires on 06-2003 as it states on the tank that is has to be hydro tested every three years.
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    As for CO2

    There is a similar numbering scheme, but the hydro testing is supposed to be once every five years. These tanks have a much longer lifespan than 3/5 years, but that is when they should be tested to better ensure safety.

    Most reputable shops and fields will not fill these tanks of expires (or horribly beat up). Costs vary in testing, usually between $15 and $25. Worth every penny.

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