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Thread: interesting Level 10 x valve problems.

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    Unhappy interesting Level 10 x valve problems.

    Ok, I gassed up my level 10 x mag the other day, and all was fine.

    I shot a few games, then it started leaking slowly down the barrel. I thought 'Oh damn, guess the O ring broke in, so I must have to change the carrier size'. The leaking would stop when I slightly pulled the trigger. Not having my Level 10 kit on me, I kept playing. The leaking got worse - it would seem to gush down the barrel when my hand was off the trigger, then change to a small leak when I slightly pulled the trigger. I ran out of gas and got out my kit.

    I changed the carrier to size '0' (it was .5). Gassed it up - same problem. Changed the 0 ring, leaked only a little, stopped upon pull. But I would occationally get some bolt stick problems.

    Well, not sure if it was bolt stick. Just sometimes when I pulled the trigger, nothing would happen. If I pushed slightly on the bolt face, it would fire normally again for a little. If I held the trigger in a while, it would do the same - fire normally for another 10-15 shots. Not really acceptable.

    So I change my medium spring down to the small spring. Seems to work fine, but my level 10 lost most of its effectiveness. The bolt would stop and reset on my finger, but it would hurt like hell - enough force to still chop a ball.

    So, I'm a little confused. I need my mag to work with level 10, no bolt sticking, no leaking, but sensitive enough to stop on paint.

    I run a flatline nitro, no ULT, X Valve, 2 shims, 0 carrier, smallest spring.

    edit- it was really cold that day 25-30F. Could that be causing some problems?

    Any thoughts?

    thanks guys.


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    You changed the oring, but put it back at the 0 carrier? That's your bolt stick problem.

    If you change the oring, you gotta go back to like a 2 carrier and start over.

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