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    Join The Anti-Pants Party!

    You heard right. Do you not like wearing pants? Do you prefer the great feeling of wearing shorts year round? Well we are here for you! We are a political party that believes an individuals rights to wear shorts when they want to and how they want to! This is no mear Pie Revolution or Unter Mag Revoultion. This a way of life, we are on schedule to run for the Presidency in 2028.
    Anti-Pants Decree:
    I will not wear pants, only shorts, unless required to for eductational or vocational purposes.

    The decree is to be upheld always and is open to addtions with a passing of the senate of shortwearers* (name change in process), which will consist of 7 individuals approved by myself and the vice-president. To pass an addtion it will need 4 passing votes from this senate and to be approved by myself and the vp. However if I veto it, it can be overturned by the senate with a complete majority of 7 votes.

    Also, the structure of our party can be re-arranged if needed, this will be decided later based on need.

    To join, post in this thread, and you will be assigned a job within the party. If you would like to apply for a senate chair, please mention this and will let you know if your accepted.

    President: Sps16
    Vice President: jr119us
    Head Of Secret Service: ERut
    Secretary of Public Cooperation: ZAust
    Director of Pantoganda : ZSigErik
    Senate Member: Warewolf50
    Senate Member: agdemagman69
    Senate Member: DJBacon06
    Senate Member: melch
    Senate Member: DiSoRdeR
    Senate Member: Python14
    Senate Member:?

    Party Members:
    ~team unwanted
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    Not Wearing Pants Since 1999
    President of The Anti-Pants Party
    Join The Anti-Pants Party

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