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    Angry twizzler BAD BAD

    Tristan Blaume of Grover Beach CA 93433
    here is a thread where i bought a nitro duck tank
    the specs were 2 years left of hydro

    i bought it off tristan blaume, twizzler from
    his email is

    he said it had 2 years left, when i got it, it was past its hydro by a few months

    he sent 2 packages out, they both went to the wrong houses, i got some dudes mag, and he got my tank, so we went through the hassle of waiting longer, and trading back and forth

    so i just lost myself 140 bucks for a useless tank

    he is not an honest person, i wouldn't trust him, and for the fact he has not replied to any of my emails and PMs
    the 2nd guy he ripped off has been trying to contact him too

    proposed solution plan : dear twizzler, if you will go ahead and paypal me 51 dollars, 30 for rehydro, 20 for wasting my time, and 1 dollar for paypal fees, and i will drop the situation, and i will consider lightening this situation and feedback rather than making it worse for you. i have been fed up w/ people ripping me off, and i will do something about it w/o hesitation

    PROBLEM SOLVED, still wouldnt trust him....
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