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Thread: RT Pro pressure problem

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    Question RT Pro On-Off problem?

    Ok i'm running ant RTPX with a 68/4500 Flatline. I just shot the gun yesterday without problem except for losing pressure in the middle of a game and busting out the allen to up the psi on the tank and it was good.

    Anyway, after a great day of paintball i came home and started cleaning my equipment. I remembered in the manual it said you could just gas up the gun and swish it in a bucket of water and voila. I did that and voila it was clean.

    Later that night i was gonna waste the rest of my paint on some unsuspecting trees when i notice water bubbling out of the valve. (uh oh)

    It was shooting a few shots an then sputtering out. So, i figure water must be in the valve. (tough one eh) So I take my sick baby inside and strip it down, clean all the parts, let em get good and dry, check o-rings and parts for wear or tear, re-greased, re-oiled, put it back together again, smiled upon my baby and it was good... to look at anyway.

    Now it doesn't work at all.

    Ok, so I gas it up. The gun cocks, pressure looks good. Pull the trigger, it fires but continues to spew gas out the front of the bolt. Shut it off, turn it back on. Maybe too high of pressure? I check the incoming PSI; it's just over 600 so it wasn't that. Now i crank down the velocity a quarter turn. Gun doesn't fire but it doesn't blow off. I put my ear to the valve. No hissing anywhere. The trigger is still reactive but it's not firing. I turn off the gas. Gun is still reactive but not firing out air in valve.

    Ok, I think you get the idea. Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch.
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    Help me out here!

    Ok, so i'm thinking it's something in the on/off assembly. The pin doesn't look worn though. Help please!

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    Any ideas on my problem? I've done everything I can think of and no dice. Help!

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    did you try turning velocity back up? (pressure on tank) are you using level ten? take the on off out and clean the inside well too. let me know.
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    When i try cranking the velocity up it pressurizes fine but when i pull the trigger it fires and continues to blow air out the front of the bolt like it forgot to turn back off. The valve is clean, and the parts don't seem worn or misshapen. Level X is installed as it came that way from the factory. It's never had a problem up until now.

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    is it bolt stick, or does the bolt recock?

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    It recocks but keeps letting air out afterwards.

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    I would check your Powertube O-ring, if its worn it will leak out the bolt. This would allso let water in the valve when it was in the bucket.
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    it doesn't look worn. but i'm sending off for a parts kit and replacing the ring anyway. i'll let you know how it turns out. thanks.

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    also check the o-ring in the bottom of your on/off hole. my RT was doing that, and it was because the on/off o-ring was toast...

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