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Thread: Idea for beginner players to come visit the forum

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    Lightbulb Idea for beginner players to come visit the forum

    Ok for folks that are new to the game or new to will have something else to come here for. We all know that its easy to ask a tech question and get a straight answer on a specific gun, gun part,or a review on a gun,gear,paint,air etc etc. You get the idea, well I had something else in mind...."Tips and Tactics". Yes there are websites probably dedicated to this, but I figure I come here allot and don't have much to say until now. Each week (hopefully 3 times a week) Im gonna be nice and helpful to those who might need some tips for the next time they step out onto the field. REMEMBER this is strictly for beginners that play rec ball "open games". No, this is nothing new , and yes anyone else can do this but I just figure I would let you guys know what Im gonna do before I do it so I don't look like some weirdo. For you moderators , let me know if this is the right place to do "Tips and Tactics", and for anyone else that thinks this is a good idea then just reply. Once I see a good response I'll start my regular posts Tips and Tactics day1 ...day2..etc etc.

    Another idea I'll do in Tips and Tactics is that I'll type out a paintball scenario in which you must figure the right answer for. Sort of like, what if, or what would you do in this situation etc etc. That way people can share what they would do and relate it to others or even correct others. Sound good ?
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