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Thread: intelliframe to warp to Revvy, any suggestions

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    intelliframe to warp to Revvy, any suggestions

    Current setup intelliframe to warp connect

    want to add intelliframe to revy

    I'm not an EE, but I should still be able to figure this out, key word there is should

    i spliced a jack into the intelliframe to warp connection and sent that to the revvy, essentially I have a swithch which when closed sends current to parallel systems

    but for some reason my Revvy is sending current back down to the warp.....must think about it

    any thoughts?

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    The easiest thing you could do is either put another switch in the grip and mechically connect them for the other device or use the NC part of the switch you have already and connect it to the warp then when the warp gets a pulse from the trigger forward it will only spin for the time you set the warp set for, and it cannot feed back to your revy. Make sure you dont have it the other way around because your revy will not stop running until you have the trigger pulled.
    PM me with any questions.

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