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Thread: How are splashes and fades done?

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    How are splashes and fades done?

    I've ano'd a few things now (I ano'd my rail orange) and I'm trying to figure out how to do fades and splashes. Do any of you know how?

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    Splashes are done by layering resists during the dying process, a series of resist layers are made and as each color is done a layer of resist is removed exposing new material to take the dye. So basically every splash ano you've ever seen was done backwards of what you see.

    Fades are done by selectively dying pieces (i.e. keeping the bits that are to be the rest of the fade out of the dye.

    This is so far as I am aware, the fine points I can't provide since, well.... no one's ever really explained it to me much more than that.

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    might want to try this thread:

    Yea, I know its PBN, but occasionaly, they do have some good stuff on there.
    WOW, sigs. Havent seen these in a while here on AO.

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    basicaly if you want an orange rail with blue splash you ano the piece blue (IIRC you do not seal inbetween though) you then put ur resin (rubber cement) where u want the splashes then you bleach the piece, wash, (i think you do have to put it back in teh acid bath but im not positive), color the piece the orange color. remove the resin and seal.

    i might have a few steps out of wak but its close


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