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Thread: Equipment to make me a better player

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    Equipment to make me a better player

    Alright, we have all seen the equipment hype. Buy barrel X and you will score more eliminations per game. SCM or ABS or whatever abbreviations we use for whatever piece of equipment, this will make you better etc. Many of us have invested a lot of money into equipment, secretly knowing that the equipment alone was not going to help us.

    I bought a treadmill - if this piece of equipment is used properly it WILL make me a better player, faster, a smaller target, and with more energy. Perhaps many of us should reconsider our next equipment purchase.

    BTW I do attribute this to paintball, if it were not for paintball I would consider myself in good enough shape and not worry about it at all.
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    well said man, well said.

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    alot of being pyshically(sp) fit is lost in paintball now with fast shooting guns and so much paint, i think that kind of gets lost. I mean sure you don't need to be AS fit as like football or basketball, but you still need to be fit. Alot of people overlook that with the speed of your gun, instead of the speed of yourself and fitness.
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    That is a very good point. While I do not own a treadmill, one of the best peices of equipment I use for paintball is my iPod. It serves two purposes...

    #1 - I listen to it while I run. Keeps me entertained while I work out, this goes along with your point.

    #2 - It makes the road-trips to distant turnaments go by much quicker!

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    I'm already in good shape

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    I agree with you, for the most part. However, these small gun upgrades go further than you think.

    You see, small upgrades can make your gun perform better. Although it does not collectively make you PLAY better, it gives you more confidence in your equipment. It gives you the edge. May be a low rise compared to a high rise wont make you play better, but think, there are SURELY games where you WOULD have gotten hit if you had the high rise. See what im saying?

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    I agree with you on most parts but there is something you we all buy for paintball and thats a mask... being able to see s a major part... I know when ever I play wood and my mask starts to fog it is really hard to see anything.... even in speed ball.

    But thoings like a treadmill are a great thing since eaither way you are getting in shape and you have an extra motivation for using the tread mill so yea

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    alot of being pyshically(sp) fit is lost in paintball now with fast shooting guns and so much paint
    i disagree, for just that reason being fast and quick is that much more importnat.especially for front players.
    not to say that skill and strategy arnt imnportant. but most of the time the fast player is gonna be the one to make it to the pivital bunker on the field and give his team the upperhand. as the game grows athleticism is gonna become more and more important. there is no peice of equipmen that you can bring out onto the field that has a talent switch on it. so it is your preparing yourself to play that will give you the edge, weather its working on your game directly like practicing snapp shooting. or indirectly like Lohman446 said and running on your tred mill.

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    Xball is not like normal paintball. You need to be much more fit. Sure there are still some chubby guys playing, but you won't see any huge fat typical back guys you might see in 10 man. Once paintball starts getting bigger and more kids are going to start fighting for spots of higher teams, you are going to have to be much more physical. Its like in any sport nowaday. Pro athletes work out much more and stay in better shape then athletes 50 years ago.

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    Compared to other sports physical fitness is not very important, even when it comes to X-Ball. The state that the pro's bodies are in to play X-Ball, is far less than any those of many, soccer football, basketball, hockey, and heck even baseball players. All you need is a decent amount of endurance, basically being able to run like a 6 min mile or so. And whatever additional speed, quickness and agility is an extra bonus. And
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    I think in splat they have a section on staying in shape. I agree on the fact that the gun won't make you better but it will make things easier and other gear.
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