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Thread: shots per psi?

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    shots per psi?

    i know the efficiency question is a timless one but here's what i have to ask...

    Take two different markers(one being a mag) with identical tanks and internal pressure in the tanks. Shooting shot for shot until one stops. Then measure how much pressure is still left in the tanks.

    Is it the same or not? I just want to know if anyone has figured in the fact that other markers can shoot more of the tank just because, as well as other reasons(efficiency issues), they can shoot with a lower psi... A mag will stop at around 700psi left in a tank because that's around the min. operating pressure for a mag. Others can continue shooting until, lets say, 200psi is left internally. Giving the other marker how many more shots it takes to drop 700 to 200psi of tank pressure.

    obviously the tank pressures would be different, at least minorly due to the same issues previously discussed... But shots per tank would differ greatly since one marker can continue shooting until much lower tank pressures

    in the very least, this would compound the known efficiency issues (airchamber dump time per shot w/paint)


    *edit* oh, correct me if i'm wrong... the graph of Shots per tank pressure would be a inverse parabola right? x=shots y=tank pressure with y min= min operating pressure
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    10 shots per cubic inch at 3000 psi.
    15 shots per cubic inch at 4500 psi.

    Therefore, 5 shots per cubic inch at 1500 psi. Divide that by 3. Roughly you will get 1 shot per cubic inch at 500 psi. I think this helps somewhat.

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