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    Talking xxhappyaznxx feedback thread

    hAppy's Feedback Threads


    Bad Traders

    automagb4ll3r of PBN
    Ripped me off in a trade, my Timmy for his Speed.

    AIM: Crazy4Paintball1
    PBN / PBR / Angel-Owners / Handle : Crazy4Paintball1
    His name is Brian Lin, his area is Cincinnati, OH 45249. I paid 40-45 shipped on ricochet around march 2003 which never came. He says that his PO sucks, could be a possibility, but many people use that for an excuse therefore making me a little skeptical. but b/c i never got anything out of this deal as well as i lost 40 bucks, this guy will remain on my negative list until something can convince me to take him off. this guy is found on pbreview, pbnation, and, his name is hanjoon lee
    he was supposed to send me 100 bucks for a warp, but it never came, and he stopped replying to my emails. this isnt really ripping someone off, but its irritating.

    Mike Burton from Colgate, WI 53017-9606
    AIM: paintballshtr13 Handle: paintballaholick
    Story: we made a trade where we were supposed to ship same time, i sent my part (around late Sep), and he didnt ship his part till a week after he got my package. on top of that up to this day (Oct 27), i still havent gotten his package (a ricochet ak). this guy is totally unreliable, its a pain to get in contact w/ him as well. UPDATE: after threats of police, he finally sent me back my stuff, broken

    Tristan Blaume from Grover Beach CA 93433
    AIM: n/a Handle: Twizzler
    Story : Sent me a tank, not as described. Out of hydro, and non working condition

    UnIdentifiedFreak of, screwed me $15 over.

    bluecocker33 unreliable
    AIM: bluecocker33
    PBN Handle : bluecocker33
    Story : Backed out, and not small stuff either
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