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Thread: E-Mag colors

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    E-Mag colors

    Does anyone here know where i can buy an E-mag in a color other then black teflon?Maybe a light blue like it shows in the picture for the link for on the main page?Thanks.

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    They have to be special ordered from your local paintball store.

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    O.Thanx.Do you know the name of the blueish color like the one in the pisctue on the link to

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    anyone here know the color?Maybe a modorator or Administartor?

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    They make a special run of fade ano emags every month or so. I believe orange/yellow and red/orange are the two they have right now... you should call the main office to find out what they have in stock.

    As for the actual main mody , they only come in chrome or black.

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    If you can't get the color you're looking for, there are a few options. Your local paintball store will usually know of someone who will do custom anodizing. If they don't know any places that will do it, look in the yellow pages and on the Internet.

    It's usually not cheap and results will vary, but you can usually get exactly what you want. Reputable outfits will show you samples so you know what you're getting into. If you work with someone out of state you found on the Internet, ask for them to send you some samples of the colors you're interested in, most shops are more then willing to do this. There is usually a cost involved with samples, but it is usually refunded from the final bill and will show you exactly what to expect.

    When it comes time to anadize your marker, ideally you want new, unfinished parts. Clean, unfinished metal is the best surface to work on, that way the anodizing bonds correctly with the least chance of miscoloration and defects. For new unfinished parts, you will want to contact AGD directly.

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    5,991 is going to be putting up some pics of colored Emags in the next day or two. We currently have the Tequila Sunrise fades, Red, Blue and a kind of mottled red.


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    So,when you go to the main page( and hover your mouse over "Brought to you by Airgun Designs",the E-Mag pictured there is in the Blue Tequila Sunrise fade?

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    Custom Annodizing

    They do custom annodizing here:

    PK Selective Metal Plating

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    Thanx.I appreciate it.But, my question was:when you go to the main page( and hover your mouse over "Brought to you by Airgun Designs",the E-Mag pictured there is in the Blue Tequila Sunrise fade?

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    is that color tequila sunset blue?

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    SOMEBODY MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    paintballgear is now featuring the new colors
    nor cal representin

    you are a

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    i would also like to know what color that one is in the link it looks sweet

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    this post has been viewed 168 times!none of you know the answer?

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    The one on the banner is a color from England, we don't have it here. The splash on the AGD website is a one of a kind that went eventually to Darkripper.


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