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Thread: Wholesale price to teams with all AGD guns!?!?!?

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    Wholesale price to teams with all AGD guns!?!?!?

    I heard that teams that ALL use Airgun Designs guns can get there team name on the AGD website and can get products from AGD for wholesale price. Is This True I really need an answer from someone from AGD so I know what youre talkinabout and to get the real information.
    Chrome E-Mag Xtreem
    new chrome gladiator reg
    chrome freak
    68ci 4500psi Armegeddon HPA
    Chrome Drop Zone 2(need a cooler drop forward)
    smoke revvy w/ xboard
    smoke warp feed
    want a c&c body or new body from AGD(whenever they get it done)
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    Are you serious?! Man I want wholesale prices. That would be the deadliest thing ever!
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    Thats Wholesale on PARTS not guns or Warps.

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    oh cool thanks

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