Hey guys.. just got this idea from another post I was just reading a few minutes ago. It was on the topic of who you would pick up for a new team

a awesome front player that played with a pump, that knew how to comunicate and get the job done ..

or a not so good player that had all the bells and whistles, and looked good.

Anyway, this is what brings me to the team Bad Company. I followed tourny paintball a bit more the past few years rather then current news, but I definatly know Bad Company was a good team. I watched them beat up on Strange at Cup 2002 ( I believe) and have seen or heard about them do plenty of other things, ALL WITH SPYDERS.

I dont know what is special about their markers, but if they are just upgraded spyders... makes you wanna think why you speed x-amount of cash on a fantastic marker that is so light, so quick, and so everything, when these guys could probably not only beat you with a spyder, but make you look bad too.

Im not saying spyders are bad in the first place, im just wondering what makes me and what makes us buy all this expensive junk when it could be done with a spyder of all markers.

LMK what you think