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Thread: No trigger rod on Intelliframe?

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    No trigger rod on Intelliframe?

    On all the pictures Iv seen of the Intelliframe I have not seen one picture that had the trigger rod showing. Go look notice even people with their intelliframe on their marker and it aired up, no trigger rod. Where is it?
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    its there.... the gun wouldnt shoot without it...
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    the pics people send in they probably don't have their guns aired up, when it isn't aired up you can press the trigger rod back into the frame. Im sure Tom wouldn't have made a frame that doesn't use a trigger rod without telling us, hmm wait, maybe its a huge CONSPIRACY!!!

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    1,807 there seems to be a little tip of the trigger rod peaking out there.

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    The rod is located on the Sear which sits in the rail. Not in the trigger frame A lot of the pictures I have seen are just the Trigger frame. So if the sear and rail was not installed when the picture was taken you could not see a rod then could you?

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    on the inteli the rod seems to sit a little higher up on the trigger also.
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