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Thread: rtp problems

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    rtp problems

    Ok I thought I finally had this thing figured out I have the 2 ring carrier in with 1 shim its not shooting that bad but I am still having problems with the bolt not reseting all the way I am using the red or middle size spring, I tried the longest spring and it shoots but I am still having the same problem with the bolt not reseting all the way.
    What if I tried a smaller carrier ?

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    Add another shim.
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    Ok I added another shim and it shoots fine but its not reseting after I stick my finger in front of the bolt and shoot. Also if I hold the trigger in I can hear leaking....I oiled and its still there ?

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    You gotta start over. Take all the shims out. Use the loosest carrier that doesnt leak. Start with the small spring and work up from there.
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