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    GXE Input

    I'm in the process of saving up for a GXE cocker. I just need input, (pros, cons). Please don't say GET A MAG! Because I already have one, and I love it. Wouldnt get rid of it for anything, it's just I would also like to own a cocker. So input, please?

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    I owned a GX3 and absolutely loved it.
    I think they are one of the most underrated markers out there.Everyone wants to slam them based on other crappy products ANS has done in the past.Don't be fooled.The GX series is sweet.
    The only complaint I have is with the weight.They are a bit on the heavy side.
    Otherwise mine gave me NO problems for 2 seasons of use and never chopped a single ball in the bolt in the whole time.The guy I sold it to still uses it with no problems.

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    why go with an imitation when you can go with the orginial? WGP or Works, thats it for me..

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    Build your own Cocker. If you do it right, it will be better than any factory produced Cocker. Plus, you can have some awesome parts and you can do it cheaply. My custom Cocker weighs under 3 pounds, is extremely efficient (upwards of 2000 shots from a 88/45 tank), and requires very little pressure to cock the gun. There are plenty of resources for Cocker owners or anyone who wants to be. is an awesome resource.
    I've had nothing but problems with ANS products. I own a Mini Ramand the plating is flaking and it requires a very high pressure to work. I've seen numerous cases where people have had problems with the GX-2 regulators.

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    Because nobody has really inputted in the GXE here, I will. Dont get it. There are several at our field, and I wouldnt EVER recommend one over an eblade. They have a decent look and feel, but when you start shooting it it just feels slow and sloppy. Go for an eblade. On anything. Eblade on stock body, I mean anything, it will be awesome. Eblade>GXE

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    So then, what about the E-Orracle?

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    Originally posted by Dan_Gleesac
    So then, what about the E-Orracle?
    Excellent choice.

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    I have shot a GX3 and now currently own a WGP Eblade. I think all things being equal, the better comparison is the ANS race frame v. Eblade.

    The ANS pneumatics are fine, the ram and jackhammer will do their job. The internals are also fine.

    Your best bet is to go over to and investigate the race frame and eblade comparison or even check out this thread at PBR which has a decent breakdown of the pros and cons of the two frames: E-cocker Frames

    Both frames are good, but different. And ANS products have had past quality issues, such as flying quickpull bolts and leaky pneumatics, but those have all been corrected and ANS products today are pretty underrated.

    And of course the best decision is to shoot both and see which feels better personally. Good luck.

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