it uses a small ram with a manifold that attaches a very small 3-way solenoid valve to the bottom of it. it only draws a very small amount of power, so it works easily off of a 9v batt.a morlock controls the timing.

I find it to be easier on the gun than the centerflag grip, and no giant battery like the e-mag.but basically I just wanted to make my own.

the standard valve with a lvl 10 bolt maxes out at 16 bps without any drop off. the micro solenoid valve can cycle up to 45 times a sec., so if I had a retro valve, I know the damn thing would shoot 25bps with my modified halo. but hey 16 is plenty quick. I usually play with a revvy and keep it at 11bps.

the trigger is a modified pro-blade. it uses opposing magnets instead of a return spring, the magnet in the grip is adjustable to adjust the amount of return tesnion on the trigger. it also has a front stop, back stop, and an actuation point adjustment screw. trigger bounce was eliminated by using a different microswitch than the one that is provided with the morlock.

the next thing might be a simple intelli-feed link to the revvy. I would actualy like to be able to get the reliabilty of no chopping WITHOUT the lvl 10 bolt. the lvl 10 lowers the efficiency of the gun, the rate of fire alittle bit. it will actually top out at 18 bps with a regular bolt.

either way it shoots better than it looks