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Thread: powering Warp and Hyperframe with rechargable battery

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    powering Warp and Hyperframe with rechargable battery

    Okay .. Hitech, you might be interested in this..

    I have a dream! (said in a most dramatic voice possible) And that dream, is to power my Hyperframe AND Warp with an external rechargeable 9.something volt battery.

    First things first ... I need to find a battery that will effectively power my hyperframe AND my warp w/o buring either one out. I would like to send 12volts to my warp and 9.somthing volts to my hyperframe .. but I think this mod would not be possible (remember I have NO electrical engineering background whatsoever .. just a novice here).

    Unless someone can tell me how I can use a 12volt rechargable battery pack and regulate the power down to 9volts to my hyperframe, I will go on the assumption that I cannot do this cheaply or effectivly.

    So .. what would be the best battery to start with? Searching around AO and radioshack, I have located the following battery..

    9.6V, 1600mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack

    Would this power both the Warp and Hyperframe effectivly?

    Second, I plan on sewing a small pocket using neoprean onto the outside of my Dye Rino tank cover to slide the battery in and run the wires inside the tank cover to the grip and then from the grip i'll have to find a descrete way to the hyperframe and warp (which shouldn't be difficult) .. now, having this battery pack inside a neoprean pocket on my tank cover, would I be at risk of starting a fire??

    Okay .. that about does it .. my hyperframe and warp already both have an on/off (someone put one on my warp) so if I can get an answer to my questions above, I can start with the mod.

    LMK what you all think .. cuz I have no background with this, any input, even if it's "guy, this sounds dumb" would be appreciated.
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    Use a Makita battery
    And a resistor to limit voltage to the frame.

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    .. mikita batteries seem okay but i'm worried about retrofitting a charger to charge it when I rip open the battery to use the cells.

    I figure I might end up using that 9.6v battery pack listed above if you guy's think it will work only due to simplicity of charging. That and i'm not too worried about getting 12 volts to my warp since 9.6v should work fine for me (i'm not too fast on the trigger).

    Still, should I worry about the Ah value of the battery I use?

    **edit** okay .. so the Ah or mAh is how long a battery can last with certain loads .. so the higher the mAh the better .. right?
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    This is very similar to what Im working on now, just waiting for all my parts to come in.

    Here is my plan.

    Warp Feed (12v)
    Halo-B (9.6v)
    Marker (9.6v)

    I plan on using 2 9.6v 1800 mAH nimh rechargeable batteries to power it. Running combined to put out 19.2v. (have been thinking of going to a single 12v 1800 mAH nimh)

    The Warp Feed is the first point of contact for the power line.

    The Warp has a 12v Regulator for internal use, an output plug with a 9.6v regulator, and a switch to turn off all power.

    The output goes to the Halo-B, with another output plug that feeds the Marker.

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    1,497 want to do all that work and have wires everywhere to save the weight of 2 9v batteries (if it works)?!

    Go lift some weights! I suggest 12 oz curls.

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    Originally posted by Gunga want to do all that work and have wires everywhere to save the weight of 2 9v batteries (if it works)?!

    Go lift some weights! I suggest 12 oz curls.
    First off, I know how to wire things up so it will look nice.
    Second, you only count 2 9v batteries? Learn how to count.
    Third, I never said this was for weight issues, if it was, I wouldn't be using a Warp.

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