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Re: legal action

I sent a pick of new x-mag grips to the store owner where I bought the marker. This was the unexpected response ...

"That looks awesome! It is so crazy that you e-mailed me because I was just wondering the other day if you were liking your X-Mag. We have 2 more on order for ourselves and yesterday my rep told me after this run
they aren't making any more, due to pending legal action. So I guess you should feel fortunate you managed to get one when you did!"

I emailed them and asked if it had to do with SP. The answer was that all parties have been asked to comply with a gag order and can't discuss details, BUT, referring to the offender as Dumb Parts would not be inaccurate. This is by no means a confirmed situation, just heresay, but it would be very sad if it were true.

eh! What's going on?!?!