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Perhaps I am out of line here... but if I were on the waiting list for an X-mag for over 9 months, and I heard that you were just going to not make any more... I would be inclined to say that AGD is giving the customer "the shaft." I would go so far as to say that unless SP had threatened to sue unless you IMMEDIATELY stopped making the X-mag, I would say that you were being ignorant of your customers' needs, and doing a great disservice to the excellent reputation of your company.

Most of all, if I had been waiting for an X-mag for 9 months and heard that I would not be getting one simply because you don't want to make them any more, I would be very, very pissed.

Am I out of line?
Unfortunately, It's a crappy Situation. One that has had Tom all 'iffy' about X-Mags to begin with. The bodies are made and the design is owned by AGD Europe, which is a sepereate corporate entity. A Seprate entity that no longer is going to make the bodies. It will be likely too expensive, and likely more trouble than it's worth to buy the design, Part it out, etc etc.

Now, I am about to open up the can of worms; Isn't AGDE Where they get the 4.5k Reg seats from? What's gonna happen with those?