I tried to respond to this later on the board but the thread about Jeff being let go from Airgun Designs was closed.

I just want everyone here, including Tom, to know what a valuable person Jeff was at Airgun Designs. He invented new products (superbolt), cut down Airgun's bulky guns (like those Jax guns), and troubleshot more guns on his weekends off than most gun techs do during the entire week. Jeff was the reason I played with an RT for years after it was out of style do use an airgun product in the NPPL. Jeff is the reason dozens of people play with them.

I honestly thought Airgun paid Jeff to take those weekends off to play tournaments. I'm amazed at how much time and effort Jeff put into Airgun during those weekends. He teched guns for free and Chicago players and teams have been famous for using mags because of it. Have you been to a tournament out of state? No one uses mags anymore. CPSA players to NPPL players from Chicago do because of Jeff. You should have encouraged him to travel instead of trying to tie him to a workbench to do repair guns.

If Airgun has listened to Jeff more during the week they would know what is important to players. Lighter guns! Double triggers years ago! No huge front battery packs! Then maybe you wouldn't have to lay anyone off because sales would have been up instead of down.

Tom - I really hope you have called around and gotten Jeff a job locally in paintball. He was the best employee you ever had. You just didn't bother to notice.