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Thread: SFL Emag in action [Pic]

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    SFL Emag in action [Pic]

    He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy!

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    Also, those wacky new DYE goggles...

    Uhh... not sure I like the look of 'em.


    PS. YES! I KNOW ITS AN ANGEL! Read the header!
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    I spy an Angel?

    Isn't that bottom one an Angel, not an E-Mag? the top one is an E-Mag for sure, but im certian that other one is an Angel.

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    Give the man a peanut.

    Read the header!


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    all right, who is that lucky bastard? *jealous stare*
    me want.
    the vert module looks like a comparable feed tube height to that of a E-micro. if it's like the e-micro feed, it needs a halo for sure.

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    Talking Hehehe.... Oops

    I guess thats what I get when I rush a post just before having to walk out the door.... sorry everyone,

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    I think the man shooting the Dye Angel is Frank Watson the captain of the Family (also known as Keely Watson's father)..and i know this because that's her hopper and her splashed boomstick (it matches her angel)

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