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Thread: Idea on blowback/chop design

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    Idea on blowback/chop design

    It's a quiet day today and I've been thinking, what with the recent posts from AGD about a new RT valve with a longer bolt design and their research into the blowback/chopping situation being related to the barrel id.

    (May need to read carefully as these ideas are just popping around in my head)

    I was thinking, even if AGD brought out the new valve with the much longer powertube/bolt design, wouldn't it still be susceptible to blowback anyway. If the bolt design will still remain the same except longer that is, when the bolt is released the release of gas is almost instantaneous and would shoot out to the front of the bolt very quickly and wouldn't allow the bolt to travel in far enough into the barrel.

    Ok I was thinking about the powertube spacers and the different sizes. Wouldn't the smallest powertube spacer produce less blowback than a larger powertube spacer, by increasing the distance the bolt needs to move forward before it clears the powertube o-ring to release the gas. In effect allowing the the bolt to travel further forward into the barrel. Of course the differences in size between powertube spacers is small and would probably not have that much of an impact at all. But what if we magnified the size differences, say 1cm difference or more from one spacer to the next size down/up. That I believe would have some sort of effect.

    (I hope I'm making myself clear)

    Now from what I just said, what if we alter the bolt design a little bit. What if we extended the bolt stem, ie make it longer. like below:

    |---------------------------------| <-- Extended Bolt Stem

    So basically the extended bolt stem would partially be inside the air chamber.
    By doing this it should allow the bolt to travel further into the barrel before releasing the gas, and result in less blowback. As the distance for the bolt stem to clear the o-ring would be increased, and hence the time for the gas to be released through the bolt. And the good thing would be that you can still use your current valve.

    How about a combination of the extended bolt stem and a much smaller powertube spacer? Within reason, obviously as the bolt can only move forward so far.

    I may be totally way off course here.
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