Here are some pics of the new plug vs the old style plug the differance should be quite clear.

Ok gete is how the adjustment shoud look on a new Power Feed Plug.

Now you are saying Hey I can't see that in my power feed body ! So how do you test you adjustment ??

You get a long wooden Spoon or Stick squeegie some paintballs.

Now take out your barrle and remove you hopper and elbow.

Place the squeege down the breach and place the end under the power feed entrance. place a few balls 3 or 4 in the feed tube, now press down on them with your finger and then allow the squeege/spoon to drop and allow the ball to pass into the main body. You are feeling for a pause or a hang up on the lower lip. If you do not have the proper over hang on the plug you will have some small feed problems. So adjuster you set screws in or out as needed.

Or you can just get a small mechnics mirror on a stick and cheat