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  • Yamaha YZ 80cc

    0 0%
  • Yamaha YZ 125cc

    7 38.89%
  • Yamaha TT-R 125cc L

    3 16.67%
  • Go-Kart w/ Yamaha 250cc YZ Kart Engin

    4 22.22%
  • Other(please reply and tell me)

    4 22.22%
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Thread: What kind of dirtbike(or go kart) should i get?

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    Question What kind of dirtbike(or go kart) should i get?

    im about 5'8(i think)175lbs(i think), i want something fast, and powerful, and i also want something that i can screw around in the woods of something like that. and prefrably(sp?) a 4-stroke.
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    Four wheeler, best for all year riding, mud, etc. Much more fun imho. Honda is the best too.
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    i like 4-wheelers, but have no need, or want for one.i want a dirtbire more. but a go-kart w/ 250cc YZ kart engin would be kick @$$ yamahas site says the go from 0-60 in 3 secs, but thats hard to believe for a kart engin.YZ's are nice, but if i get a TT-R i will have more money to put parts on it, and it wont take as long to save for, and if i ask, i am more likely to get it for christmas


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    Get a 250+ cc 4-stroke dirt bike, torquey motors are the way to go in the woods.
    80cc and 125cc 2 strokes are a pain in the woods,save those
    for moto tracks.

    I would recomend a KDX200(its a 2stroke), they've been around for awhile
    so you can get a used one cheap and there really fun in the woods.

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    Ill tell ya what model...

    The Joe Momma 10,000 CC With a 2 million ton chassis

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    I am gonna have to agree with PB86 on this one...
    sorry guy...

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    I like the 4 wheeler idea myself. Very versitile too. I pull a little trailer with mine. Do farm chores and haul stuff like mulch and fire wood. Enjoy riding trails. We use it at the Field to move bunkers around. Can put a big sprayer on it. Very stable. Got a reverse. A winch on the front to pull it out of stuff. Great resale value. So much to mention.

    I prefer Kawasaki. Better - four point suspension. Most Hondas are three point.

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    yamaha 250cc-ohh man dont even go near that thing itll like blow u away-its HUGE
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    Ok, if you want a good 4 stroke, get a yz250f, its the best 125 class motocross bike you can buy. I Have a Kawasaki Kx 125 which i love, but it is a 2 stroke, which some people dont like,and i have a honda xr200, which is fun, but the suspensionn sucks, so i cant ride moto on it. None of the bikes you listed were 4 strokes. If you want a super fast 4 stroke with good suspension and tourque, power, acceleration and speed, go for the yz250f. Its expensive, but worth it. I dont have any trouble with a 2 stroke on trails or woods, and i as long as the suspension and steering are set right. If you want a play bike, i would go with a Yamaha TTR-225, but if you want a good, fast, tourquey bike with an excellent suspension, get the yz250f.

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    Get the 2002 YZ-426. Best buy. Super to que and a suspension that is bar none the best. I trail ride and ride moto on mine, it is excellent. The 250s are decent once they hit their power band (they'll get me off the line), but I blow right by them soon after. Not to mention I can ride for a whole day on a single tank of gas as opposed to the 2 hours you get on a 2 stroke. 4 strokes are the future of moto cross, and the YZ-426 is the leader of the pack (I want to see Honda's latest 4 stroke offering, not the XR mind you).
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