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Thread: Got a Few Modification Questions

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    Question Got a Few Modification Questions

    Has anyone had any luck with the on/off tops? I was looking at one made by AKA that is all SS. And also when is the new Super Bolt comming out?
    Posted by someone talking about cockers shooting further and more accurately:
    Plus, I don't want to see a bunch of stupid people running around the field with all sorts of bad info.
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    Most aftermarket internals do little or nothing for your gun... keep it stock..... as for the bolts, they should be out soon.
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    Yeah try and avoid getting aftermarkets for your internals unless it is made by AGD. Most if not all of them are gimmicks to make money...they do like nothing for your gun. But if you have nothing else on your "To Buy" list, go for it...your choice.
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