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Thread: Electric Trigger Frame

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    Question Electric Trigger Frame

    O.k. Someone please tell me why you can't use an electric trigger on a retro valve. Or if you can why does everyone want the trigger to still be reactive. Have you ever shot an electric trigger frame. My father has a shutter with an electric trigger, man it is sweet. It will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger, and the trigger pull isn't much. I would love to know if you can use an electric trigger frame on a retro valve and have the speed that the Boo-yaah has on my fathers shutter. If it can shoot that fast, forget the reactive trigger you won't need it. Any thoughts let me know

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    I think the greatest problem which lies with having a completely electronic trigger with a Retro valve is the fact that, unless you have an e-mag conversion, you will find it extremely hard to safely chrono the marker, as fps tends to rise during rapidfire strings because you are not allowing the air in the valve to cool between firing. Instead of buying an electronic grip frame, have your retrovalve fitted or regular automag converted to an E-mag. The conversions are going on right now. All you have to do is call the AGD front office for a RA number, pay $650 and you will have the worlds best electronic and mechanical paintball gun.

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    Or you could just give your retro mag to your best bud and go buy you an emag!!!
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    the problem i had is when you pulled the trigger on anything but true semi, it would act like a runaway gun. the only way to get it to stop was to disconnect the air system. i went thru 4 pins and three frames before i finally gave up all together. also i talked to the techs at boo-yaah andthey said they were developing a new frame but was unsure when it would be finished, but they went out of business. go figure.

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    I have a Reto with my Hyperframe. The good part is you have the fastest recharging valve of any gun on the market. The reactive part does not enter into play. The recharge rate will keep up with the Higher ROF with the sweet electric triger. I also lowered my input preaassure to aabout 10-20psi above operating level to get more shots per tank. So the real advantage lies in the recharge, not the reactive.

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