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Thread: Asianminimag's feedback

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    Asianminimag's feedback

    Put any dealings with me here. I know there aren't too many, but I know they are out there.
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    Sometimes....when I am putting oranges in a circle....I think of my thoughts and they make me laugh.

    My AIM is anthonyseagle...always has been always will be.

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    I wish my grass was Emo so it would cut itself
    Good trader. Good communication and SUPER FAST PAYMENT.

    I would definately trade with again. Thanks

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    in the corner in a box under the stairs right down the street from jerry's bait shop.
    shipped it tracked right after i paid. very nice and i would definatley do business with again.

    definatley do business with this person.
    "Ah yes, I have one of the 32*rebels that I always take to big scenario games. It keeps the truck from rolling if I have to park on a hill." - automikey

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    Great trader. Shipped everything to me just as promised. Even threw a few freebies in with it! Would do buisiness with again.

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